Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

Ok so, I have been a slacker since the new year. I had a great christmas with the girls and they were very happy with their gifts. After they came home from opening all the gifts at their dads we read the story of Jesus and opened one more gift. Then it was off to bed. Alli was so excited for Christmas morning. Alli then woke us up at 1am and 3am and then 5am when we finally got up. Poor Jaiden was still half asleep trying to figure out which stocking was hers. She opened everyone elses before I realized she was so confused. It was ok though. :) All in all we had fun!


  1. Ha! That is too funny. That scares me about having kids. I need my sleep! heehee

  2. I told myself along time ago, I would never catch up on sleep. :)