Friday, June 25, 2010

New Job!!!

So as many of you know I have been looking for a day time job forEver! I am very excited to have finally accepted a day shift position. I will be a pharmacy tech at the hospital. It's not the direction I thought I would be going. I am very excited to start a new adventure and learn more.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

trip to portland

So I have decided I am not the blogger...I cant keep up, but I will still share good times!

Kenny and I went to Portland for a wedding and to hang out at the rose festival. We went on Saturday afternoon and made it there in time for dinner. The hotel told us our room was in two different places...turns out it was only in one. We ate at a great lil' pub, Paddy's. They had really good food. We saw belly dancers, with belly's and a booth that sold apple pie fries. We walked alot farther then we thought and of course walked all the way back during a parade in the dark and ever other street blocked off. Oh what fun! Then we walked a little bit farther and decided to go to Safeway. While walking to Safeway...yes walking! Some guys asked if I could give them a jump. I just made them aware that I was walking, not driving. Oh and as we were walking the walk signs would say "walk sign is on, walk sign is on". For some reason......I heard "one ninety nine, one ninety nine" :) The next day it was pouring down rain but we headed off to the park to tour the navy ship. We ate lunch at a fun little Mexican grill, Yummy! Then it was off to the wedding. They were married under a bridge in cathedral park. I know it sounds bad but it was really a cute lil' wedding. there was a stairwell down to a flat concrete area. And the weather cooperated for the wedding. We hung out and visited with friends until bed time. Unfortunatlly I had to work Monday night so we headed back first thing in the morning.