Sunday, January 17, 2010

First trip to Florida and New Years!

I left December 29th for Florida. I made it there safely and on time. There was some confusion on getting me on the correct bus to get to the hotel and since I was alone I was kinda concerned I might endup in timbucktoo. I was very happy to see Kenny when I finally arrived. He helped me to get settled in the hotel and then we went for a walk and he showed me around Epcot. We ate and watched a christmas chior and watched my first Epcot fireworks.

The next day we visited Magic Kingdom and Kenny showed me around. Then we went back to Epcot for lunch and then back to Magic Kingdom to see their New Years Eve fireworks a night early.
On New Years Eve we spent the whole day at Epcot just walking around and riding the rides and people watching. There were sooooo many people, it was crazy! I didnt get any good pictures of the New Years fireworks cause I was just staring at the sky. After the regular fireworks they went around to each country in the park and let off fireworks because the US is the last to celebrate. Then it was midnight and time to celebrate. There were so many fireworks in the sky!

The first started out as a very rainy day, but that didn't stop us from going out. We took ponchos and headed for the boat to Disney Hollywood Studios. We had a fun lunch with his parents. Then Kenny took me on some horrifying rides...;) Ok, they werent horrible. He just wanted me to be surprised by every ride. So I didnt know what to expect. They were all fun though.

The next day we headed out to Animal kindom. It was getting colder by the minute. Luckly there was a little sunshine. After watching a few shows we decided to check out Down Town Disney and scored a free dinner at Planet Hollywood just by luck. It was a nice treat especially for Kenny's credit card. ;)

We spent the remaining 4 days going between the parks catching up on things we had missed and we watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie at a theater in Down Town Disney. Oh I also got to pick an oyster in Japan and keep the pearl. We also celebrated Wendy's Birthday while we were there. It was a great experience and I am glad Kenny and his family took me with them. I think you have all probably seen my pictures posted on Facebook but I thought I would share a little more of the trip here. We did so many things, I am sure there are things I haven't shared. We had a great time and hope to do it again and share it with the girls. And hopefully it is warmer next time!

Christmas 2009

Ok so, I have been a slacker since the new year. I had a great christmas with the girls and they were very happy with their gifts. After they came home from opening all the gifts at their dads we read the story of Jesus and opened one more gift. Then it was off to bed. Alli was so excited for Christmas morning. Alli then woke us up at 1am and 3am and then 5am when we finally got up. Poor Jaiden was still half asleep trying to figure out which stocking was hers. She opened everyone elses before I realized she was so confused. It was ok though. :) All in all we had fun!